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Everyone has a possibility of having a handicap due to diseases, accidents, congenital disorders and old age.

When you have a handicap, and you're seen as disabled people who can't do it.

Since you can't do it, you should at least refrain from causing trouble to others.

Do you want to live like that?

Our Vision

Our mind recovery concept of "happiness" refers to a state of mental and physical health, a state of self-development, and a state of joy in our relationship with society.

It is a state where "a typical way of life" is realized as it is without hesitation, sticking to one's own values, or being controlled by emotions.

We aim to realize a society in which each person can continue to live in such a happy state.

Furthermore, we aim to create a society in which people pay attention to the "strengths" of people with handicaps, and people with handicaps use their "strengths" in their work.

Our Mission

Supporting hope in everyone with serious mental distress

To deepen understanding of the society of autism and developmental disorder and to realize a society that takes disability into consideration

Outline of the organization


  • NPO Mind Recovery

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Our History

Main Activities

  • In cooperation with autism groups in Japan and overseas, the project mainly supports people with high functioning autism, their families and donors, and conducts education, promotion and education on autism. It also operates a group home as a support project for the concerned party.

Annual Report

Business Partners

  • Tokyo Metropolis, Nerima City, Minato City, Setagaya City, Adachi City, Nishi Tokyo City and Tachikawa City

  • Youwa Hospital 、Oizumi Hospital、Jiundo Hospital、Oouchi Hospital、Karasuyama Hospital、Matsuzawa Hospital

  • Tokyo Autism Society