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History of corporate establishment and activities

January 1, 2011

A volunteer group called "Mind Recovery" was established, led by people who had been engaged in listening volunteer activities.

February 27, 2011

A workshop "IPS: Communication that enables learning and awareness through connections" was held.

March, 2011 ~ August, 2012

An IPS study session will be held once a month with the workshop participants at the center. As the number of participants increases, it becomes difficult to secure a place to meet.

February, 2012

"Mind Recovery", a non-profit organization, was established to promote recovery and peer support.

September, 2012

Group home opened. Include recovery, peer support and the clubhouse model in running group home activities.

September, 2012 ~ March, 2016

An IPS study session will be held in the group home's exchange room. More than 400 people have attended the IPS study group.

April, 2016~

Plan and implement exchange programs by group home residents themselves.